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Bollywood Viral is the first venture of Daisy Online Media Pvt. Ltd., headquartered at Rajkot, India with virtual presence across India. Our concept behind initiating this Bollywood viral and political news/media portal to share awareness on current happening on Entertainment, Political and jokes/sketches. 

Our motto behind initiating this venture is just to make sure we deliver - "Entertainment, Entertainment annnnnd Entertainment". Bollywood Viral has more than 12 news and entertainment categories to explore, It's not only a platform for viral content, being number one in quality of it's viral speed.


Why you choose Bollywood Viral over other entertainment news firms ??? 


Now a days, we all know how important it is digital platform in India. Digital Media is the future of our country, India. When country becomes cashless we believe news should also be cashless keeping an interest of each citizen. We are a team of curious crazy bunch of pals who diversify into entertainment, political and jokes/sketches field. 


Bollywood Viral does not talk about gossips on entertainment, politics, but we also deliver latest reviews on each movies with their earnings and talk about many celebrities who are old and latest buzz of the town. We do not stop only at this point we also share lot of real time stories that will inspire you to achieve best out of what you got in hand. So if you want to satisfy your hunger and thirst of knowledge then we have all of these at a go. Bollywood and Political News are being from our day to day  happening. 

We are a team of most electrifying personalities who have passion in achieving moments with unconventional way. We are firm believer of innovation and unique content delivery. 


What Features Bollywood Viral has ?

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The most energetic bunch who believes in innovation. The conventional way of doing things is not our way.

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