ICC Shares An Interesting Isolation Game Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, David Warner’s Response Is Funny

Amit Parmar
Amit Parmar
Mar 23, 2020
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ICC Shares An Interesting Isolation Game Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, David Warner’s Response Is Funny

The coronavirus outbreak has compelled us to stay at home in order to save ourselves from the disease which has already taken lives of more than 14,000 people and presently over 3,40,000 people have been found infected with it. Many people are working from home so that the effect on their profession can be reduced but it is almost impossible for cricketers to work from home. In order to help the players in spending their time at home or in isolation, the International Council of Cricket (ICC) took to Twitter and posted a number game for the cricketers and the fans as well.


In this game, ICC used names of 12 cricketers, one cricketer for each month and 0-9 digits and in front of each digit a task was written, such as shadow batting, making TikTok videos, gardening, taking perfect selfie, playing book cricket, cooking favourite dish, and so on.

The caption of the post tells how to select the quarantine partner as it read, “Your birth month is the cricketer you get to spend time with and the last digit of your phone number is what you are doing.”

Here is the post by ICC:

The quarantine partner of the player will be the cricketer whose name is written in front of the birth month of the player and the task that they both will do will be decided by the last digit of the cricketer’s mobile number.

While many cricket fans started sharing their quarantine partner and what task they will be doing with him, Australian cricketer David Warner also took to Twitter and played this Isolation game. Warner tweeted that his quarantine partner is Kane Williamson and they both will be doing TikTok videos.

Here’s the tweet made by David Warner:

It clearly implicates that Warner’s birth month is October and the last digit of his mobile number is 1.

Co-Incidentally, David Warner and Kane Williamson both play for the same IPL franchise – Sunrisers Hyderabad. IPL 2020 was slated to start from March 29 but now it has been postponed till April 15 due to coronavirus scare.

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