Sargoshiyan Review

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
May 27, 2017
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Sargoshiyan Review

Sargoshiyan is a story of a photographer Vikram Roy who is in dare need of money because of his wife spending habits. He embarks on an adventure to Kashmir with a friend Aryan and a Ph.D student Sheena Oberoi to work on assignments. Vikram met Sheena who was doing a Ph.D thesis on Kashmir and they both decided to work together as Vikram is expected to take pictures on the beauty of Kashmir.

Vikram took the assignment from a Kashmiri bank to shoot their annual bank calendar and tagged his friend Aryan along. A bank employee Imran Dar was also asked to tag along with Vikram on the journey. Along their journey to Kashmir, they come across several interesting people who strengthen their faith in humanity and change their opinion of the region.

The only spectacular thing in the movie is its aim in explaining the term Kashmiriyat. This is a term that is strange to most people. Kashmiriyat simply means the indigenous secularism among the indigenes of Kashmir that has been in existence for over centuries. The film is more of a propaganda film. It does not have any bit of cruelty, it does not portray any regional conflict that a region suffers and it only denotes the good side of Kashmir. This is one biggest weakness of the film. In every region, there is the good and the bad people, the film only lay emphasis on the good Kashmir, it is not base on reality. There are few sides of the film that deserves credit and many surprises to watch out for as well.

The film starred Indraneil Sengupta as Vikram Roy, Hasan Zaidi as Aryan Raina, Sara Afreen Khan as Sheena Oberoi, and Farida Jalal.

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