SHOCKING: Girlfriend Chopped off her boyfriends private parts

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 24, 2017
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SHOCKING: Girlfriend Chopped off her boyfriends private parts

 These we have been taking measures for woman safety and where our government is taking the right precautions on saving woman from any incidents like rape etc. But after reading this story you would be shocked to agree that how much woman could be dangerous.

Yeah, you are right to read this at least this incident will make you think so!

23 year old girl chopped of genital parts of boyfriend due to rejection of marriage proposal. This girl lives in Mangolpuri at Delhi and was in relationship with Ravi (35 year old street vendor) since last 4 years. According to sources, it seems whenever there is a talk of marriage Ravi used give some reasons and escape from the topic.

According to Victim, Where on wednesday she called Ravi at her home and introduced him to her brother and sister in law where this lady had chit chat for sometime and then somehow she got him to bathroom and asked him to fulfill her physical need where he denied. Eventhough with force she undressed and him and started getting intimated but on the continuous rejection of Ravi pissed her off and she chopped off his private parts. During this entire incident girl's brother and sister in law were there too.

Soon after this Ravi ran towards the street. God's grace it was public who immediately called up police and took him to the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Where he was referred to Jaipur Golden Hospital where he is undergoing with subsequent surgery.

Police has taken up their actions and formed a team to catch that lady along with her family as they have been absconding since the attack.

Nothing much to speak on this as this has left us shocked and speechless! How about you?


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