Single woman was denied to stay in Hyderabad Hotel

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 25, 2017
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Unmarried woman was denied to avail a room in hyderabad hotel

In India, Hospitality industry is biased with consumers in many ways like unmarried couples are not supposed to be checked in and now single woman are also not allowed to stay in an hotel. Where there are no rules for single man who can stay in any hotel eventhough they are married or unmarried makes no difference. So this shows some of hotels are so arrogant they treat people ridiculously.

Now a days they carry lot of background check and now it is matter of 'Sanskar' for them. Such an inappropriate of tackling an issue this is. There is an extra check of caring that this hotel Deccan Erragadda does not allow unmarried couples, and denies single females.



Nupur Saraswat, who is from Singapore, faced a similar issue with this hotel inspite doing an advance booking of hotel from a well known online hotel booking portal GOIBIBO. Inspite of this booking reciept she was denied accomodation by manage of a hotel as she was a single lady. One side we talk about we must respect our international tourist and other side we do not allow them to stay in a hotel. Is this justified?

The post is,



“So, I am standing outside a hotel in Hyderabad which didn’t let me stay because they realized I was a “single lady” even after confirming the online booking. Yup, massive bag in hand, gross from the journey – just standing outside the hotel. Somehow they decided I was safer on the streets than in the hotel.

Funny huh, how patriarchy works?


Edit: This was my first experience with this form of discrimination. Also, first experience with Goibibo. I just want to let you all know that I was extremely lucky to have arrived early in the morning and had the sense to put up this post just when it happened so my inbox flooded with well-wishers, and one of them took me in.

This could be you – another hotel, another city. (Mine was Hotel Deccan Erragadda). Maybe you’ll arrive in a 11 PM flight and they will refuse to let you stay. So here’s my sincere plea – share this post. Make a scene. Make Goibibo listen. Let them know that women travel solo now and we won’t stay indoors “for the sake of our own safety”. Ask them why they ask us our genders? What is the purpose if not to avoid this?”

After people started supporting and reading her post, goibibo took instant action of aloting her a different hotel and apoligies to her on behalf this.

Goibibo post reads,

“#HyderabadSaga Part 2:

I want you guys to see what you have done.

1. Goibibo PR team has offered a verbal apology to me for what went down.

2. They have told me that they are getting to the mammoth task of filtering out such hotels -either by not partnering with them or by alerting the customer at the time of booking. I have requested to be kept updated on all of the progress on that front.

3. They have offered me complimentary stay in a different hotel for the duration of my trip in Hyderabad.

You guys did this. You made a corporation listen, you took us a miniscule step closer to making solo travel a little easier for women in India.

But of course, there are also those who have tried to silence this by asking “why are you making a fuss if it’s clearly stated in the policy?”. Well I am making a fuss because I am not ready to settle. I am not ready to live in the fear of my safety anymore. I am not ready to have an entire system push me around until I “find a man to travel with”. I AM NOT READY TO BE CHAPERONED.

So listen up – a revolution is coming. Women are going to travel alone, and travel EVERYWHERE. The companies who will survive are the ones who can keep up with this.

So long folks – on to the next city with Two Sanskari Girls.”

However we still have gender inequality in our country. And other important fact was woman safety where she travelled alone all long way from Singapore to India. She was on the road when she posted this on FB. Whatsoever, this post has been posted more than 1000 times hope goibibo and many other portals who have similar issues do take a necessary actions against these sort of hotels.



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