Trump's Muslim Travel Plan Banned Annouced by Supreme Court For 6 Muslim Countries.

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 27, 2017
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Trump's Muslim Travel Plan Banned Annouced by Supreme Court For 6 Muslim Countries.

Donald Trump had proposed a travel ban for visa applicatants from some of the muslim countries to counter a terrorism issue. Where recently supreme court has granted a partial approval on travel plan.



This decision of US supreme court was awaited since a long time. Where verdict has arrived and the ban on 6 muslim countries Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria has been imposed. This ban would be into act in next 72 hours from the time of a verdict. This decision of ban is temporary and rest of the arguments would be heard in autumn. Where lower level court had ordered long ago to ban this completey.



What is partial ban means: It means if there are students who have got the right visa from valid universities in US and employees who have got the visa from reputed companies only will be allowed to enter in. Rest of the people won't be allowed and this way there would lot of hoch poch at airport soon. As this quite unique decision and lot of security measures would be implemented.

US Supreme states:

“The 90-day ban on visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, along with a 120-day suspension of the US refugee resettlement program, could be enforced against those who lack a “credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States”.



As per court they would also listen to the order's arguments and in return president stated this decision has brought a clear victory on US national security.

He also spoke further as:

“As president, I cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm. I want people who can love the United States and all of its citizens, and who will be hardworking and productive.”

This ban is temporary at current date and it's final hearing would be done in automn where if the ban is applied completely then sufficient time period notice would be given to affected travellers.



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