Donald Trump and P.M. Modi Meet - International Media News

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 27, 2017
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Donald Trump and P.M. Modi Meet - International Media News

Indian Prime Ministe Narendra Modi and Donald Trum (US President) met yesteday and discussed lot of agendas to benifit individual countries and entire world is keen to see the result about how these two leaders will go along. There is no question about Trump praising a P.M. Modi during US election campgain, both the ends are verymuch concerned about the outcomes on their meet.



India and America has win win situation if they come up with a proper agenda as we already know that Indian P.M. and previous US president Barack Obama had good relations and P.M. Modi would like to take it from here and have a good relationship with Donald Trump for India's Positive Growth, on the other side USA wants to keep clear cut check on China and definitely wishes to play an important role in South Asia, that's the reason it can't afford to ignore Indian country.



Let us have a glance at International media reporting now:

Hopes of Indian Immigrants are attached with this meeting according to the news of THE NEW YORK TIMES

While CNN has written about there is need of good relationship with INDIA if Asian balance is needed.

Washington Post uses a word of romance and physical intimation. The writer gives an opinion on these two persona and popularity of both the leaders.

How this meeting has gone is a curiosity for sure and we must be eagerly waiting for your views and comments in below section.


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