Modi's Precious Gift For Donald Trump And His Wife Melania.

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 28, 2017
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Modi's Precious Gift For Donald Trump And His Wife Melania.

P.M. Modi and Donald Trump met for a discussion on trade, energy and terrorism. This trip was suppose to be of two days and all agendas were supposed to be cleared at a meet with Donald Trump at Whitehouse for "Dinner". Our P.M. Modi apart from meeting Donald Trump he also met TOP CEO's of companies and left for the Amstredam.

We Indians always follow a tradions of "Kisi ke ghar khali hath mat jana.". And as being a prime minister of India How can Modi forget to do the same. As this is actually considered to be a polite gesture as we all follow the same tradition.

During a meet with Presdient Trump along with his wife Melenia Trump, Modi offered many gits to them. Are you curious to know what all Modi gifted them? As per the news of ANI, PM has gifted below listed presents:

1. Traditional handcrafted Himachali silver bracelet

2. Hand woven shawls from Jammu and Kashmir

3. Honey and tea from Kangra valley

4. Trump was presented with a special wooden chest with intricate patterns and designs on it which he brought from Hoshiarpur (Punjab.)

5. 1965's Original Commemorative Postage Stamp for marking the death centenary of Abraham Lincoln.

Mahatam Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln had a great bond together that is what this stamp presents it.

PMO twitter goes soon after his meet:

Modi gave so many special things as a gift it is but obvious that American President Donald Trump would also inturn gifted him a thankful favor. He gave Modi a guided tour of White House quaters and well he also showed Lincoln's bedroom. Along with this Modi also saw Gettyburg address and on desk wall he wrote it.

"Modi has a big heart and number of gifts he gave them proves it" Your opinion on the same is appreciated friends. Must share your comments in below section.

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