Omar Abdullah admires PM Modi for his Diplomacy of Inviting Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 28, 2017
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Omar Abdullah admires PM Modi for his Diplomacy of Inviting Daughter Ivanka Trump.

Former Prime Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Omar Abdullah hardly admires anyone but this time he could not resist and twitter in favor of P.M. Modi.

As we have been already talking about the Meet of P.M. Modi and Donald Trump and its been in trend since few days so everybuddy is aware of happenings of a meet. But did you know P.M. Modi has invited to Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump to lead US delegation at this year end for Global Enterpreneurship in INDIA.

Ater the warm visit of P.M. Modi to America he has in return invited Donald Trump and his family to India. He has added that " I would like to invite you and your family as guest in India, and would appreciate to honour u as our guest." Soon after the invitation Ivaka Trump's daughter responded as tweet:

This is really appreciated:

Modi responded her tweet and replied that he would be waiting for her visit to INDIA.

As Omar Abdullah saw this message and he could not control his emotions of praising MODI. He just tweeted and appreciated the PM Modi's Diplomacy:

The tweet read, “Very clever diplomacy by PM Modi inviting the First Daughter given the power equations in the White House & Trump weakness for family.”

The right way to impress any man is to give importance to his family. As Donald Trump is very close to his wife and daughter so he would be but obvious quite happy that his family has got an attention from Indian prime minister. As it is been seen that daughter Ivaka and wife Melania heads most of Donald Trumps press meet and works as advisories too. Modi has definitely played smart by inviting Ivaka Trump.

Soon after Omar Abdullah's Twitter you must see the reactions of twitter here:

This could be a diplomatic move but definitely good for both the countries what do you have to say about this????

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