Raceism Here There Every Where In North India! Must see this Delhi Golf Club Pathetic Response Towards East Woman

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 28, 2017
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Raceism Here There Every Where In North India! Must see this Delhi Golf Club Pathetic Response Towards East Woman

We Indians do not leave a chance of shouting if someone from other country does raise a topic of raceism. But what if we ourselves call it for our other brothers from east part of India. The event took place at Golf club of Delhi. If this incident would have happened on the streets of delhi (north India) than we could have understood that this a matter of some local idiots but what about well educated people of society who have been gathered to attend the current events have insulted a Meghalaya woman.

On this Sunday, Meghalaya lady named Tailin Lyngdoh was asked to go out of the dining hall and was insulted inspite of invited by a Delhi gold club member.

As per her statement:

“They told me, ‘Leave the dining hall, maids are not allowed.’ They were very rude. I felt ashamed and angry. I was wearing the traditional Khasi dress — Jainsem — and they told me this dress was not allowed.”

Tailin has been working as a governess for Nivedita Barthakur and she was warmly invited along with her employer for the lunch.



Tailin further added,

“I have been to the biggest restaurants and clubs in London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. But before yesterday, no one had asked me to leave their premises.”

This is what her employer Nivedita told,

“The host booked a table for nine people, which included Tailin. She was seated with us and not separately on another table or in a corner. We had just ordered our drinks when two employees of the club walked up to our table and told Tailin that she would have to leave the dining room as maids were not allowed inside.”

This incident Nivedita Took To Facebook and her anger was expressed in a post:

“An example of North Indian bigotry, chauvinism and ignorance: many of us have been slighted in the capital of India for being from NE part of the country and have lived to tell our tales! Today Tailin Lyngdoh, an extremely proud, Khasi lady who has travelled the world in her Jenseim from London to UAE was thrown out of the Delhi Golf Club because her dress was taken for a maid’s uniform! Despite she being invited in her own right as a guest of a member. She was humiliated and the two gatekeepers of haute culture of Delhi, one Ms Sumita Thakur and Mr Ajit Pal, did not even have the grace to apologise. The room was full of Delhi elites who make their maid’s and nannies wait outside in the heat lest they pollute their surroundings, and I bet many of them were civil servants and keepers of the Indian constitution. It was so appalling at many levels: that a citizen of India is judged on her dress and treated as a pariah; that in this day and age human rights of so many citizens can be trampled on just because he /she earns an honest living as a help. And that mainland India still has to be educated on their countrymen seven decades after freedom. And what is this hangover that we are whiter than whites and frown upon Indian wear in these hallowed bastions! Would anyone even listen and take action?” 

Definitely this would never be accepted by anyone in any case. This was the dis graceful event which must not be repeted in future. Your concerns are very important on this connection.



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