Strange Reasons and Weird Secrets behind firing these girls from their JOBS

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jul 1, 2017
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Strange Reasons and Weird Secrets behind firing these girls from their JOBS

These days people do starve for the survival and it is quite obvious that there is lot of competion when it comes being fittest of a survival. It is quite obvious that bosses are most often seen agressive and really mean when we do some mistakes while performing a task. But There various weird reasons where you would find them being fired from the job.



You would start appreciating your bosses if you know these reasons! LOL

1. Did you ever think that updating a social status can let your job in trouble.

Now a days FB and other social platforms are quite in fashion to be used on a daily routine. It is quite obvious that many of you must have updated their FB or Twitter Status online while being in office. Well you will be shocked and roll all over the floor laughing if you know the reason for she being fired.

She posted at her FB wall as "Bored At Work".

2. Did you know typing an Email in different format might let you in trouble?

There are many who have habbits of typing in CAPS letter where you find strange that a lady named Vicki Walker was being fired for typing her entire email in CAPS letters along with RED highlighted fonts. We wished her boss must have just thought of that as a casual mistake and let it go but it did not happen that way they just fired her without any notice.



3. For not leaving adult industry while doing a job of teacher.

A kinder garden teacher was asked to leave teacher job because when she asked to leave her adult industry job then her response was I love teaching and I love Sex too. And inturn result was quite obvious from bosses she too had to leave her teaching job.

4. Did you know being to hot is too dangerous sometimes?

Lady named Milissa Nelson was asked to leave from the job just because she was too hot to be handled by her boss. So sometimes gorgeous looks can put you in trouble. She wsas working as dental care assitance since 10 years and more over she was married mother.

5. Did you know you could be fired if you do not wear bra?

After "Sexually being harrased" woman claims that once she turned up her shift without wearing a bra and she was asked to leave her job. Hope such crazy incidents do not happen with anyone.

So is there anyone of you who have faced these sort of job reasons then you are always welcome to share it along with us. Our comment boxes are always waiting for you to type in.



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