You’ll Have To Pay Double GST On Credit Card Payments! Here’s The Truth Behind This Viral News

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jul 4, 2017
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You’ll Have To Pay Double GST On Credit Card Payments! Here’s The Truth Behind This Viral News

Modi government is very much strict with their plans and have implied GST (Goods and Servieces Tax) on 1st July midnight at 12:00 am, inspite of strong opposition of other parties. It is quite obvious that government is very much trying to clarify all the doubts of general citizens about GST but there are multiple questions are running behind everyones mind which is yet to be answered.



It is a tough situation for Modi government when actually rumours play its role at peak via social sites, let us have an example of one rumour that people have to pay more while paying through credit. Any payments such as gas, mobile recharge, electricity, telephone etc ... are bound to pay double the GST.


You must read the message over here which has been spread like snake via messaging platform, WhatsApp:

“Friends – Do not make payment of utility bills like Telephone, Electricity, Gas, Mobile etc by Credit Card from now. You will be paying GST twice, once for the service, second on the credit card amount. Use cash or Internet banking. Share this information.”



This has gone viral on Sunday, soon to stop this sort of rumour revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia took initiative and landed his tweets on twitter to clarify the myth which has been spreading on social media. In number of many tweets he wrote, “A wrong message is doing rounds on social media that if u make payment of utility bills by credit cards, you will be paying GST twice. This is completely untrue. Please do not recirculate such message without checking it with authority.”

Even long before GST was applied everyone used to pay service tax on annual charges, EMIs initial processing fees and payments which are not made timely would be chtarged 15% of tax. Eventhough let us clarify this doubt soon after GST was applied people have to pay 18% tax via credit card payment which is 3% extra than the previous conditions. But there is no question of paying double the GST amount.


Some of the utilities like GAS / LPG has been placed in 5% tax bucket now while previously some states didn't even charge tax on this and few were coting VAT between 2 to 4%. But yes utilities like mobile bills and broaband will attract 3% higher tax as this has been kept in the bucket of 18% tax.

This GST is one of the revolutionary momentum which has been initiated by Indian government. We urge all of you for stop spreading these rumours which is a loss to our country.



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