Business Tycoon Mukesh Ambani's Home "Antilia", World's Most Expensive House Catches Fire!

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jul 11, 2017
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Business Tycoon Mukesh Ambani's Home

There was a major fire borke at "Antilia", Business Tycoon Mukesh Ambani's residence. Today early morning this had happened and luckily everything is normal now.



There was a fire on the 6th floor of Antilia and immediately with a fraction of time fire officials had come there and got the situation under control.

The Chief Fire Officer, Rahangdale informed, “The fire was in a garden area where there was a mobile tower as well.”

There were six fire brigade vehicles for the rescue operation who handled the situation which had caused lot of scare around and fortunately no one is injured and everyone is safe and secure.



This news spread everywhere on WhatsApp and Director Farah Khan also tweeted the same as she got the news, you must see her tweet here...

Initial level the reports were that security did not allow fire brigade to go inside as they had no initimation on such incident. 

Ultimately, everything safe and we are glad to hear that everything is well enough now. This has caused no damages till now.



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