Chinese Media Upset With US For Supporting India! Says US Is Instigating The Issue Further!

Dhaval Khant
Dhaval Khant
Jul 27, 2017
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Chinese Media Upset With US For Supporting India! Says US Is Instigating The Issue Further!

The situation at India and China border in Doklam is quite disturbed and we all know about it. Though talks are going on, both sides have been standing strong on their part and are refusing to take a back seat.

Meanwhile, an article by a US publication supporting India’s side in the issue has not gone well with Chinese media and they are quite upset about it.

The article by “Washington Examiner” titled “Trump must support India against China” in the Doklam border standoff said-

“India-US relations offer special value in our shared ability to deter and counter growing Chinese” aggression,”

Upset with this, China’s Global Times said in its observer section on Wednesday-

“The US seems to be everywhere when conflicts come up and it seldom takes an impartial posture to help address the problems.”

Referring to the Washington Examiner piece, Global Times claimed that it has “unsurprisingly hyped the China threat and extolled the US-Indian relationship” and then extrapolated that this “partiality” represented Washington’s stance as well. The Chinese publication said-

“Partiality is likely to lead to war,”

Global Times then said this purported US position supporting India mirrors the stance Washington took in the South China Sea issue.

They wrote-

“There are certain forces in the West that are instigating a military clash between China and India, from which they can seek strategic benefits at no cost to themselves. Washington applied this scheme in the South China Sea disputes.”

Even as it accused Washington of being partial to New Delhi, it also claimed that Washington is “paying little attention” to it.

“So far, the Donald Trump administration has paid little attention to US-Indian ties, and their divergences over issues like trade and immigration remain.”

The publication added that “it’s necessary to note” that the 1962 India-China war had behind it “the invisible hands” of the US and the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Nothing will stop China from “safeguarding its territory”+ though, said the article in Global Times.

“Washington won’t get any benefits from the escalation of the Sino-Indian confrontation. China won’t give up safeguarding its territory because of US interference.”

What do you think about it?

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